Friday, December 26, 2008

My Poppy


My Poppy, my dads father, was my hero. He was the strong, silent type; but you never had to guess whether he loved you or not! Poppy was a grumpy acting kinda fella....but it was really just to cover his big ole softy heart! My Poppy passed away, he died one week before christmas. Many of you know he's been sick, suffering with trying to control his COPD and Emphezyma. He had to tote around an oxygen tank every day. He hated that thing. But he loved it when the girls would play with his cord and tangle themselves in it and laugh! I bet he doesnt miss that thing at all. He worked his whooooole life and saved, I think, just about every dollar he made. We are considering tilling up the back yard to make sure he didnt bury anything back there. Ha Ha He took care of my Grandma Beall the ten years she fought cancer. The day she died I think he'd have been just fine crawling in that box with her and going on home. But he didnt. He took his lemons and made lemonade. He loved God, read his bible every morning in between putting on the coffee and frying up some breakfast. (on a gas stove...with his oxygen....haha you couldnt tell that man anything! He didnt listen!) He loved having visitors and wrote every call or visit on his calendar so that the next time you called or came by he could remind you that it had been a while...haha He was really something. He came over to our house about three times a week. He'd play with the girls and bring them chocolate that he hid in his left shirt pocket. He'd talk politics and oil with Brad and tell me that I should cook and clean more! (boy...did he know me or WHAT?! Christmas was weird this year. And some of you are getting your cards and gifts a smidge late. My procrasting self put off my shopping until the week before christmas....the week that Poppy spent in ICU at Good Shepherd. He had a wonderful Christmas I'm sure. With Grandma. The last thing I said to him was,"You're gonna see grandma today!" He took one more breath and left us. THATS love folks. Thats my Poppy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've got one little toe in the Music Business...trying to get my feet wet!

I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. And I love a good concert....the energy, the music, the atmosphere...and I love to two-step! So what better idea for a stay at home mom than to JOIN A PROMOTIONS COMPANY!! Isnt that what EVERY housewife does on the weekends? haha all started when my friend Katie went into business with her friend John Youngblood. He has been "in the business" a long time. He was the bands tour manager for Neil McCoy...where he met Jack Hanna (the animal guy) and he booked stuff for him, traveled all over the place, got to go on good morning america with him. HOW COOl IS THAT?! He worked for a long time with Kevin Fowler...yada yada yada....booked the show for the balloon races last year...anyhow, he has his own company...but it is too hard to expand and have a "regular" job too! So he put two housewives to work. Making phone calls, putting together promotional packets for bands and setting up contracts with venues...doing all the leg work....which is an interesting concept.....because he is crippled! Leg work....crippled.....get it? The company is called CRIPPLE GUY ENTERTAINMENT. John John is a "MAKE LEMONADE" kinda guy....he is such a barrel of laughs! OH! And THIS is our logo......

How awesome is THAT!? We have the best time! Traveling around, visiting venues and finding new bands! John...aka...JOHN JOHN.....has all of the connections and we have the personalities and TIME to do the behind the scenes work and we all get to hang out and see great shows! We really leave a lasting impression, I'm sure! The three of us ar a unique team.

Mike Dean
one of our artists from Louisianna

Curtis Grimes

Mark Cooke
Miller Lite sponsors
his shows for us

on Stoney Larues bus after his show with his guitarist. this is just before stoney jumped on the couch and did a captain jack sparrow impersonation! hillarious!

THIS IS HOW WE ROLL!!! Front row and on the buses!! Fun fun times!

Stoney Larue!

dragging friends on the road with us! me, kate and kim (my sis)

Whiskey Myers ~ from Tyler Texas

John John and I ~ before the makeover.....sideburns had to go......

Jack Ingram puts on a great show!
We met Granger Smith and his guys at Jack Ingrams show in Paris! Can't wait to book them! He's an aggie! whooop

Ashley, Kate and I at Pat Green

We hung out on his promotions bus and got to meet him after the show!

I have a bazillion stories and pictures to share....We have so much fun! Brad LOVES it because he doesn't have to go to country concerts and be TORTURED by the music....and it gives me time away to chill. One day cripple guy entertainment will be BIG BIG TIME and of course.....I will remember all of the little people!! HaHa See you on the road!! (wink)

Our Crazy Famiy at Halloween

WOW! Time flies when you're....BUSY! Seems like once you hit Halloween time just zips right on through to Christmas! This blog is all about where MY blur begins....HALLOWEEN! Every year my family has a party! We tell Todd it's for his birthday...he's a SPOOK baby. Really, it's just an excuse to dress up, act silly and eat too much!

Happy Birthday bubba!!

This year Linsey and I decided we would make our costumes! I whipped those things out in one day! Not that it was a simple project....I am just a terrible procrastinator and waited until the last minute! Thats how I roll, okay!? I work best under pressure! Hee Hee!

Todd & Lins were 'Fred & Wilma Flintstone' ~ They borrowed Aubrey to be 'Pebbles'......

We were 'Betty and Barney Rubble" and borrowed Trenton to be our 'BamBam'!!

Mom makes a cave out of black plastic and has a voice activated crystal ball that lights up when she talks into it. She also has a black cauldron beside her with a fog machine in it. When the kids come to get the candy she is stirring the pot and invites them over to have her "fortune tell". She usually says something funny like 'ooohhhh.....I see here that you didn't brush your teeth this morning!!' One little boy looked over at us and said,"WOW, she's GOOD!!" haha

Here is the part where we eat too much.....

This is most of the gang all dressed up.....

~ My Family~
The Rubbles with Pebbles Flintstone and a Ballerina
that refused to wear her hair in a bun or wear slippers!

Pebbles and Bam Bam rough housin'!

We have lots of fun every year! One halloween the pizza boy asked if he could come back over when he got off work! He was like 25!! Hee Hee! Gotta love good ole fashioned family fun! These are the times we'll never forget! Can't wait until next year!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Our family lost the best dog in the world this year! Brad and I have had our little Jack Russell, "Wicket", since shortly after we were married. He got hit by a car earlier this year and we have just been SAD about it! Our other doggy "Suds" is a Jack Russell mix that we rescued from a shelter. Although super sweet...he just wasn't the same after Wicket was gone. We've been tossing around the idea of a new dog, but the thought of a PUPPY and all of the stuff that goes along with that.....urgh. But we did it! After several weeks of searching online we ended up finding a pup right here in town. We went to look at "HIM" and the girls and I fell in love. Brad went back and forth about it..but went with it just to keep the girls from falling in the floor and pitching a fit. Then we find out He's a SHE. Well, Brad said NO WAY. We just didn't know if we wanted a girl dog...Brad calmly explained to Livi that we couldn't have her. We told her that the puppy had to stay there one more night while we went home. We told her that we had to have a family meeting and discuss it with Suds because we didn't know if he wanted a sister. THE TEARS began to POUR. I thought she was terribly upset until she stopped mid sob and said," WELL! If we can't have that puppy...I guess I'll just get that PARROTT!" hee hee The parrott nor the dog made it to the car with us. Brad had met us at the pet shop, so he helped me get the rugrats in the car and I left. When daddy got home the girls were so delighted to see THE NEW PUPPY in his arms! It took phone calls to several family members before he just decided to go for it! But my dear dear Brad didnt think to get a bed, collar, wee wee pads, chew toys, or ANYTHING else that goes along with a new pup. Thats a whole other kettle of fish! So- Along came "Paulie". Yep, Olivia named the dog "Paulie", which is the shortened version of her full name......PAULA DEEN. Olivia has an ongoing obsession with the chef/resteraunteer/tv show host. She pretends in her kitchen as if she has a show and says," Hey y'aaalllllll...what we're cooking today is sooooo delicious!" She asks to watch Paula Deen cooking shows EVERY day and talks to the television as if Paula can hear her. She tells Paula to 'put more pepper in it!' and asks 'what are you making me today?'......does she not know how the TV works? Anyhow....long story...just to tell you all....we have a new member of the family! Hope you get to meet "Paulie" soon!

The Tennison Family

I guess our page should start with how WE started. Brad and I met in 1999 when we both were lifeguards at the country club. I tell everyone that I MADE him go out on a date with me (by telling him that I could whip his tail in Putt Putt....knowing of his competitive nature) I MADE him fall in love with me, and I MADE him marry me. He would agree....but he also says it's the best thing I ever did! (aahhhhhhhhh) Fast forward two years and lots of dating and fun. I think that September 11th, 2001 made every american MUSHY. Everyone smiled at everyone, you hugged people you really didn't know....we all cried and were sad and scared. Everyone cuddled up with the one they loved and were happy to just "be". There was a spike in applications for marriage licenses that year....and I think thats why. Well, WE were one of those applications. We got engaged in October and after a month of just THINKING about having to plan a wedding....WE GAVE UP! We also booked two tickets to Jamaica in December and got married JUST THE TWO OF US on the beach one month later. NO bridesmaids drama....parents are still sad about the whole situation....but it was PERFECT for Brad and I! Three years later we welcomed our first child, Olivia Leighann, on Nov. 1, 2004. She is a ball of FIRE! You never know what is going to come flying out of that girls mouth! She amazes me every day! Liv is so smart and funny and mischievious! Our second daughter...the CABOOSE, Aubrey Jean....was born May 2, 2007! Like Livi, she is FULL of energy and joy! They both just put it in four wheel drive all day long! But I wouldn't have it any other way! Brad works for Halliburton as an Engineer. He has strange and sometimes long hours...but it has it's perks. He works hard so that I can be home with the kiddos. I enjoy staying at home most of the time..I think any mom being honest would agree. Although rewarding, it can be a bit straining and BORING. Not much "intellectual" conversation in my house between the hours of...well, whenever Brads gone! I truly love it! I'm not very domestic....but I'm working on that. The laundry may be piled on the sofa and dishes may be in the sink....but the girls and I have been BUSY laughing and playing and learning and other fun stuff like FIGHTING and CRYING and WHINING!! ;) HaHa Such is life....and at the end of the day WE LOVE IT!!